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tony zambos

A CHT, cylinder head temperature, sensor has to read the temp as it migrates through the head. That’s going to take time you don’t have to spare when the engine starts to overheat. The EGT is going to give a much faster readout. With the EGT, you’ll have the ability to detect detonation and prevent having to stick another piston in. Check the Classic EKN form for ways to tune with EGT. Check the current site for people selling their Mychrons.
The Mychrons have the ability to set two alarm lights. With the 2t, set one to a max EGT and the other to the max water temp. If you don’t have a pc now that you can take to the track, you at least have a pc at home. Race Studio software is free. It’s a way to store engine data. Just as track notes, use them to help yourself to run faster.
For casually running now, jet the carb to the fat side, so the engine is safe and you can enjoy the track.

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