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John Matthews

Hi Thomas,

Without more info on you it’s hard to give more info on the kart you’re looking at.

If you’re a beginner who just wants to get on track and the Gold kart is available for a good price it might be great. Kart parts are not nearly as model specific as some would have you think and older Gold karts probably came with Righetti-Ridolfi parts anyway so there should be tons of used spares available (I know I have plenty in my trailer).

You don’t say where you’re planning on racing, or what class but if you’re anywhere near a track that runs Briggs LO206 the Gold kart might be just the ticket if you can buy it for less than $350. Take a look at my website for info on converting older 2 cycle chassis for LO206.



If you’re a hot shoe looking to get into a competitive 2 cycle package your best bet will be to check with the local shops where you are going to race, but if not you should consider something like the project above.

There are tons of usable kart chassis out there that deserve a second life. Winning is mostly about what you do with what you have anyway, and for many of us just getting out there is the prize.