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John Lafakis

Thanks for the input, I don’t really have any way of analyzing the data after a session as I’m going to be casually running the kart for now until I get the hang of it.  I never thought of using the GPS unit but I’m surely looking into that now.  If I was to buy another temp sensor and switch them back and forth I might as well go with the 2t since the prices will be close after I buy a regular mychron and a second temp sensor.  It’s just a large investment and I know the features are nice, however I just wanted to make sure all these features were really nessasary.

I noticed that there is a temp sensor that mounts on the spark plug, is this better to use or should I just stick with water temp and EGT for stock moto?  My #1 concern right now is making sure the engine doesn’t melt; the guy I got the kart from melted the piston and I just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again after spending money on a lot of new parts.