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tony zambos

I’m guessing, but switching to the new web site was not an easy decision because of financial, hardware and software concerns. And I think EKN did a good job making the switch over. The only thing EKN asked was that you reregister for the site. There was no fee involved and no physical effort. The FORUM is free so karters can exchange ideas and help other karters. Does the site run perfectly, no. Will it get better, I assume so. Will it ever be perfect? No, because everyone’s idea of perfect is different. And for some if the issues, some karters have come up with work arounds.
Maybe you’re not aware of some of the advantages of switch the site. There’s a new device that might catch on in the future, a smart phone. Karters are using it for online race entry, directions to get to a new track and to find motels. There are apps for checking on the weather and there are apps for carb tuning. The new site works great on a smart phone. Try pulling up the Classic Forum on a phone and see how not easy it is to navigate or read. Could the old site send you an email? Think not. With all the stuff you sell in the classifieds, couldn’t see why you wouldn’t want to know as quickly as possible if someone was interested in buying from you.

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