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Ric mcDade

Bernie, it’s a 1 1/4″ chassis. I had some ideas, I wrote down and had Ted Swaintec who built all of Pierre Haung’s (sp) chassis put it together. All straight tube, no bends, braced well! It IS stiff! Yea, crazy, maybe stupid, up front. Frt axle is tubes that can be slid in and out for front width. Double heim, on a slider block for caster, camber. Way too much adjustment. :) I ran it a few times a couple of years ago, car wasn’t bad at all, but I was trying some crazy engine stuff, and had a hard time finishing a race. :) But I had fun and learned a lot of what NOT to try! Now I think it’s time to pull it out and get serious. I was running 14 caster, and while I was as stable as good be, it would wear me out!! Putting it all back together with a “conventional” open motor. Tired of Stroud gigging me on the DNF’s. :) just looking for some good starting points. Any ideas? Thanks!