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Robert Lawson

Tony, I found it.

It was not under a “thread” about do it yourself replacement.

The guy that successfully did the replacement (Jim Rektorski) commented on this thread: AMB Transponder exchange Started by this guy: Teo Konuralp

I copied all Jim’s comments and pasted them to my MS Word. Got it forever now! Only down side is he never went into detail about how to disassemble the case and reinstall the new batts. Did read some other comments on a UK karting site that filled in those blanks.

Did you know you can put your transponder to sleep???? According to the guy in the UK, if you put a charged transponder back on an UNPLUGGED charger it will go to a “sleep” mode….and save the charge! I will try this today, if that is the case I may use that process before getting into the battery replacement. He also suggested doing this if flying with a charged transponder!

I currently have 3 blinks on a full charge and it does in fact last 3 days. If I remove it from the kart each evening and put it back on an unplugged charger it should have no problem lasting a full road race weekend.

One comment was universal, US or UK, if you don’t remove the transponder from the charger as soon as it’s finished it will start to kill the life of the battery. Over charging is very bad for them!

Happy Karting!