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Paul Kish

It’s inserting a driving line which is an arc, between entry and the start of full acceleration.  The ‘arc’ driving line  is able to be taken at a speed slightly higher then entry speed.  It can be taken at a speed higher then entry because of dynamic redistribution of weight more evenly across the outside tires.   Normal controlled immediate change to acceleration on out to exit after entry, must be maintained on a fine  line of acceleration.  A little too much and your loose or pushing.  A little too less and grip will grab a hold of you and slow you down.   On the other hand if you can run a distance at a slightly elevated speed until your in a better position to make a straighter finial acceleration, total time through the turn can be reduced and time spent going more straight can be increased.  Instead of turning in and riding a ragged edge trying to get as much acceleration to the point where the straight takes over, you roll through the turn a little on a line which is an arc, at a speed slightly higher then entry, then make your final turn and controlled acceleration onto the straight.


But if you read through this, you will find I accepted the fact that most turns will have more grip then needed and this will only apply to a turn where either limited grip to begin with,  hp or  momentum puts you at the limit of grip.  Any time you start to bicycle or are running on the edge of it, this does not apply.  You have to see it to believe it. … :)

or maybe experience it?  Either way, take it all with a grain of salt because I’m not a driver, just an observer and bs’er about my observations.

I have though in the distant  past raced in the rain.  In the rain are you “not”, prone to try to roll the corners as much as you can, in an arc?  And then trying your best to hold off acceleration until you have it pointing straight?  What I guess I’m adding to that is the ‘arc’ itself you take rolling the corner, can put you on a straighter line sooner.  maybe ?

Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate