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James McMahon

I would avoid running “pump” gas as it’s consistency and composition is nowhere near as tight as racing fuel. Consistency is actually the main reason racing fuels exist. The ethanol content in many pump fuels causes water to be absorbed too.  Non oxy is another option, but usually they are a MON in the late 80’s
Cylinder pressures and temps with a stocker can be pretty high with a kart pipe so tread carefully. For hard running, IMO MON 96 is a low as I think you should go, even at that people are detonating their ’01 cylinders. In that case VP V12 or 110 like you are using would be best. The leaded fuels are extra kind to the inside of the motor too.

Short answer, when you can. run a leaded racing fuel for maximum longevity and reliability. In the long run it’s cheaper than a piston and a wasted day at the track.