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Dennis Chappell


Thanks for the kind words. We had a good weekend bad weekend thing. Crowd was down a little I think weather had something to do with that.
The good thing bad thing was Maxter ran good Sat. with the big win. Honda was also fast for second race BUT broke the spark plug electrode off and droped into motor after Eric had chased the field down to get the lead. Done with only few laps left.
New top end for Sunday and again chased field down to lead and put on a good show with Bryon Rothenhoefer swapping the lead back and forth each lap until 2 laps to go motor over heated and had to pull in.

Both karts ran in the low 1:20:00’s. Happy with that.
Thanks to Danny Alden for the go fast Silencers.

Again thanks to Grattan for new bathrooms.

See ya for Grattan CES race.