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Jeremy Baldi

Even though my weekend was a complete bust I want to thank DKC for a great event. DKC always puts on a great event and the crew did it once again.

It was very cold and water was seeping from the track in most corners after 3 days of solid rain so the track was very slippery. After breaking in a new top end in the first session I had some good laps in the next 2 sessions until my crank went. Even though we had all the parts we needed to fix it we didn’t have the tools at the track to do it. Plan than changed to stealing my dads K9b off his sprint after his race on sat so I could run in F-125 in the afternoon. Unfortunately his crank also went in his race. So weekend was over, packed up early and went home to start repairs for Mid Ohio. Very confusing because both our cranks were well under the service gallons but such is racing.

Really sucks because Grattan is probably my most competitive track and my best chance to give Willhelm any pressure. In my limited running I did figure out some of my new parts seemed to be working but will have to continue the tests at MO. Hope to see everyone at MO and hope we have a little warmer weather for it.

Jeremy Baldi