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Paul Kish

Thank you all for the conversation.  I got up this morning with a thought which puts this out of the realm of sprint racing or road racing.  I am wrong trying to relate oval racing with far less turns to sprint and road racing.  I think now with the number of turns compared to oval racing and being able to put just one setup on the track,  the possibility of a sprint or road race kart running at it’s limit of potential is very slim.

I can see now where compared to oval racing, sprint racing is very seldom racing at the limit.   I’ll guess  now most of the time sprint racing your glued to the track, with only maybe one or two turns on the circuit, able to be anything other then just a Sunday drive with gobs of grip.  Just don’t go too fast or turn too sharp or you’ll tip over, is the main concern.  But even so I do think the couple of turns at the limit, might be helped by inserting an ‘arc’.   It’s sure not going to help the rest of the turns, where excessive grip is the main thing your battling to be fast.

Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate