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Ray Zarick

Paul,I have watch your discussion on cornering, but haven’t much about any of your driving experiences. Much like TJ says about every corner may take a little different style, I find only driving will answer the question of what is the best line. Let me give you an example. Driving in 2006 on the Blue Max Kart Club track in Davis California in Tag Master against 12 to 14 other karts, I won nine races in a row. So you could say I knew the track pretty well. The following weekend I went back to see if I could improve my lap times. Using the same two race old tires and not changing the kart setup, I drove four 25 laps sessions. All I worked on was finding faster lines. I tried different entry, apexes and shorter lines. The results were that on the nine turn half mile track, I dropped my lap time a whole sixth/tenth (0.6). I have found the only thing that improves my driving is correct practice.