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Paul Kish

You might try this to see what I’m referring too.  Go to the driving line picture posted towards the bottom of the page, straighten or  change the ‘red’ braking entry line a little and add in a ‘blue’ arc of ‘what ever length you might see fits’ between the end of the ‘red’ line and the beginning of the ‘yellow’ line.  The blue line can be very short even in inches or it can be longer.  The ‘blue’ arc line will set up the possibility to do two things for you.  The first thing is it can change your ‘green’ acceleration exit line.  The most obvious thing it will do is to cause a portion of the ‘yellow’ line and portions of the ‘green’ line to become straighter.  It not only will allow for exit to start sooner on a straighter line, it can also allow for the entry line to be straighter up to the ‘arc’.  The second thing is what I explained previously in this thread, about because dynamic weight has been redistributed, a slight acceleration can be inputted and the whole of the ‘blue’ arc can be taken at a slightly higher speed.  You can end up with both longer straights, because of a straighter exit and longer straights because of a straighter entry.  Put together more time being spent going straighter and being able to take portion of the turn at a slightly higher speed and it’s a possible win win situation.  And isn’t this whole thing about winning? … :)


Here’s the url on here to the posted driving line.  I understand the thoughts about break and then have controlled gradual acceleration to your exit line and I’m not knocking it.  I’m adding in another possibility to go fast, between the end of your deceleration and the start of your controlled finishing turning and acceleration onto the straight.  What happens if you gradually accelerate is your constantly at odds with either too much grip verses hp or too much momentum and hp verses grip.  It’s a fine line with one side of the line being loose or push and the other side of the line grinding off speed.  What I’m proposing is a way to run a portion of the line through the turn as a slightly elevated more easily controlled speed, once you learn how to put yourself at the elevated speed.  Or it’s not because this is all just IMHO and ain’t necessairly right anyway. … :)


It’s a very tough driving skill to learn.  I know of a multiple track champion with years or racing and the holder of a record for the most ever wins in his class at a track, who is just now putting an effort into learning how to do it.  I think he use to do it but bad habits and age caught up to him a little and now he’s again making effort to learn it.


ps… It doesn’t matter if you put yourself at the limit of grip and fast though hp, controlling grip or maintaining maximum momentum, fast is to be able to run at the limit of grip on the best line.  I’m just suggesting there might be a portion of the line, not usually looked at which may help being fast.  maybe ?


ok here’s the url:


Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate