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Keith Buffo

Thank you David, and welcome Bill. Have you found the NHKA Racing Series website?  http://www.nhka.net  Under the information tab you’ll lots of details about the karts and classes we race. By liking our Facebook page you’ll have all the latest event updates delivered to your news feed. http://www.facebook.com/NHKAracingseries

We have a race this Saturday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Seeing the TaG Masters and World Formula karts on track, checking them out up close in the pits and talking with the drivers is the best way to gather info about which is best for you. I’ll be away at a national race, but if you go find Mike Camarra, he’s the guy who runs things. Mike will answer your questions and introduce you to people that would be helpful.

If you make it to the race, please post back here your experiences, what you learned and any lingering questions for the benefit of other people looking for the best route into the sport who have the same questions… TaG Masters vs. World Formula is a common one. Actually you’ve inspired me to write a piece on on the pros and cons of each. Probably later next week I’ll post it to the NHKA website and post a link to this thread. So be sure to click the little box below “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”.

Finally, share a link to the website of the track/club where you’ll be racing in FL (specifically their rules/classes) I’ll be able to compare and offer some thoughts on which class would be most most in synch between the clubs. You’ll find NHKA’s rules under the INFORMATION tab of http://www.nhka.net</span></p&gt;