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Robert Lawson


That’s good news! I know of a few guys who watch the Race Monitor when they can’t make it to the events. You really get a feel for what is happening right at the pit wall!!!

We have an “optimist” and a “glass half empty” outlook on the potential weather! Everything must have balance :) !!!! First glance it looks terrible, but knowing Grattan, and the chance being at 30%, it’s still a good bet we’ll sneak it all in.

JB, yer nuts!!! :)
I’m a clean freak when it comes to the car and no way I’ll put myself through that much work. Don’t care how much it cost to get there. I won’t drive it all dirty and rusty!!!!!

Guess I became a fair weather fan after freezing my tail off (literally, OFF at T6 sat for 20 min) at M-O back in the day!!! That was anything but fun.

I like it hot….hotter the better! On the other hand the cold weather suits my set-up, even though I’ll be freezing in 50 and 60 deg weather!!! It ran very well in that weather just a month ago.

With all the rain this week ya’ll better not get off the blacktop. Man that will be a mess!!!!!

Safe trip everyone, see ya Thursday.