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David Cole

We are receiving at least 20 new ¬†members a day. To me, that’s growth. It’s taken people time to adjust to the new forum, and like the old forum, many just watch without posting. The forum is to answer questions about the sport. We’ve eliminated all the drama BS that occurred on the old site. Our mission is to provide a place for karters to ask and discuss the sport.

Rod, for someone who seems to think the site is a ‘ghost town’, you are posting one classified a month. Classifieds continue to be our busiest section of the forums. – AND YOU SOLD YOUR LAST ITEM. I’d say that’s a success, wouldn’t you?

Regarding the ‘New Post since Last Visit’ – we have been unable to adjust the standard system in place for the forum. It is a something that we have not been able to find an adjustment for. However, there are other options

New Posts: Last Day

New Posts: Last Three Days

New Posts: Last Week

New Posts: Last Month

You can find those at the top of the screen where it says EKN Forums with the little logo next to it.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor