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Sean S

Thanks for the quick replies.

Tony: I actually re-connected and soldered the main ground going to the engine yesterday. I’m picking up a new ground terminal today since the old one is beat up and to eliminate any other power box ground issues. Saying that, I read this early this morning and got me thinking on the grounding issue. I put friction tape on the frame under the engine mount (same as last year) but the engine didn’t have a change to move and rip the tape yet to make contact with the frame… could that be part of the issue? If the power box is grounded to the engine and the engine isn’t making contact to the frame… there is no ground, correct? It really does sound like a grounding issue, but I ran the exact same setup last year and I did not have one problem.

Jim: I will test when I get home. When I pulled the starter apart I actually sanded the armature to the nice copper color to eliminate any build up or bad spots. I pulled the starter apart no joke about 10 from brushes and springs flying out to checking if I did something wrong which wasn’t the problem and I would test it immediately after. Even after I touched power to the starter and it spun I tried plugging right back in to the harness wire and still got nothing out of it.

Tony Kart / Leopard