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Dustin McGrew

I’m still trying to figure out how the style of racing a WoO car and a kart translate. I see no similarities other than going fast LOL.

My opinion is if you have to mentally think about your corners as 3 or 4 separate things you’re going to be slow just because you’re doing too much thinking and not enough driving based on feel. IMO I think its best to keep it simple. Get on the track and follow someone. If they are faster than you going into the corner, try driving in deeper. If they are faster than you off the corner try getting on the throttle sooner or braking earlier to be able to apply throttle sooner.

Its really all about muscle memory just like any other sport/activity. You don’t throw a great¬†curveball by thinking about every single little thing in your wind-up or your grip on the baseball during every pitch. You throw a great curveball by practicing over and over and over and eventually perfecting the small details.

More practice, more trial and error, less thinking.