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Paul Kish

I just now read through what I wrote the other night and edited three words.  I took out the words ‘front’ and ‘rear’ when referring to forces working.   And I changed later the word ‘at’ to be an ‘a’.  Reads better to me now with the reference to front tires braking on deceleration and rear tires working on acceleration, removed.

I realize your saying you don’t see it possible.  I’m saying it is possible and done.  I saw Dale Blaney do it tonight and set a new track record at Mercer Raceway Park.   A friend and myself were talking about it’s possibility before the race and we were not sitting near each other during qualifying.  He was at one end of the track and I was at the other.

After qualifying I went to him and asked him if he noticed anything special when Dale was going through turns one and two.  He said yep and I asked him if the yep was about what we were talking about prior to the race.  He said yes and I said ya know what, I heard it and saw it in three and four; and I came down to talk to you to see if you observed it in one and two.

You have to look for it happening or you will not see it and every driver is not able to do it.  It’s one of those things that when you do see it, at first you sort of won’t believe it’s happening and you’ll wonder if your tricking yourself into seeing it happen.  In my opinion, it’s real.  And in my opinion it’s not an obvious thing to see.

First the driver for what ever reason, does have to make an effort to operate what their racing in a particular manner.  There either going to do it because they have found it to be fast out of experience or they have to be taught about the possibility of it occurring.  They also have to have the skill to do it.



Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate