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Bernie Baldus


I hadn’t read the Tom Kutscher interview, interesting.  So, the Leopard is done and the X30 will be spec in 2 years for SKUSA.  Hard to argue with the success of SKUSA over the past few years.  Although, it is still a pretty small portion of the US Karting market.

Anyone have any information on how the KPV is going to be handled?

I still see puppet masters here.

The Tag idea, with all its messes, worked in my opinion because it was a grass roots ground swell.   Greg was there (and still is), I think he’d agree!  We here in the US thought it was our idea!  I thought IAME got a pretty good share of that.

Rising tides float all boats.  When the tide goes out, like it is now, we find out who is swimming naked!