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Paul Kish

I have no point other then to show there is something else which can be used somewhere in the process of taking a corner, which is not generally considered.


Let’s make one assumption through out what you presented.  The assumption is your whole purpose is to be fast and to be fast you must run at the absolute limit of grip.  It doesn’t matter if your at the limit while braking, accelerating or in between braking and accelerating, your still at the limit of grip.  It’s easy to see and relate to being at the limit while decelerating or braking.  What’s tough to understand is the “in between” part and to bring in forces to the picture.  Slowing down forces are generally directed forward, putting more stress towards the front tires.  During acceleration forces are generally directed toward the rear, putting more stress on the rear tires.  You only slow down in the first place because forward forces stress the tires and the only thing limiting your acceleration is hp and stress put on the tires.

If that’s ok so far, there is a point “in between” slowing down and accelerating when forces are shifting from front towards the rear, where because grip is split better between front and rear some acceleration can be applied prior to final acceleration and maintained during a period using a driving line which will be an ‘arc’.  It may be a very small distance measured in inches or it may be depending on the turn be measured in feet of travel.  It is also a tool used in addition to what you wrote to help set your point of final acceleration and exit.  Nothing at all changes your description of thought about how a corner is taken, it’s only something else which can be used.  The only reason it’s possible is because forces through a turn, at some time will redirect themselves from front to back.  And at some time in the process over all lateral grip will be higher then when either decelerating or accelerating.  It’s the use of the moment in time “in between” deceleration and acceleration to slightly increase and maintain speed on a line best described by an “arc”.

I’m sure you can relate to some turns where you can and do roll the corner a bit.  I’m saying most turns can contain a portion where they are rolled a small amount  and during that time a maintained speed higher then entry is possible.


1) threshold brake until you reach the point you want to turn in. It takes a while to be consistent, to not brake too late so that you end up understeering–pushing–through the apex, or braking too soon, therefore having to coast up to the turn-in point. You don’t want to start the turn-in too soon, which could result in a whole host of problems.

2) turn in enough so that you lift the inside rear tire, not so much that you oversteer or bind up the kart, and not so little that the tire drops back down too soon, thereby bogging the motor and / or inducing understeer.

“>>>> maybe insert my BS above here. … :)

3) roll onto the throttle, not so soon or so hard that the rear end breaks away (oversteer) on exit. This can be confusing because rolling onto the throttle too soon or too hard could also cause the rear of the kart to drop too soon, bogging the motor… (snip)


“Frankly, unwinding the steering wheel and rolling onto the throttle are aspects that overlap, and to me should be considered together, not as separate activities.”

And frankly to me. … :) , there is a possibility they do not always continually overlap.

Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate