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Bob Vehring

No doubt on you car list Tim, but we can’t count NASCAR, Indy Car, and Sprint in the same as Bombers, hobby Stock, and mini sprints simply because of cost.

Karting is by far the cheapest thing out there and the nice thing is, you can buy a new chassis for $2500, an engine for a grand and go out to any level of racing you want, the equipment is the same.

I agree totally about geting back to one engine, but doubt it will happen again. My youngest son Ryan really wanted to go to Daytona again, we haven’t been in a few years. When WKA added another 4cy class a month before the race, we backed out. Looking at the results page yesterday , glad we did. We raced Daytona every year sense 1994 to a couple years ago. My kids could run 335, 360, and 385 with the same karts, just add wt. Sometimes we had 40 Animals in a class. Those days are gone.