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Ted Hamilton

TaG as it was originally conceived — a leisure / fun class for old farts and casual enthusiasts, with no national points or series other than informal get-togethers IS STILL a great idea.

IMO, what TaG has morphed into is an impossible situation (re: equality) that lines the pockets of manufacturers while leaving the importers and racers at their whim. Even Rotax doesn’t have the rules stability it used to, and spares are another tier higher in expense…

I still haven’t heard any explanation on the rationale for switching from the former importer alignments — just ethereal interviews about the “potential for the future.” I don’t wish the new guys ill, but it’s hard to trust orgs that aren’t direct, open, and forthcoming.
On a side note, it’d be cool if they reintroduced the greyhound logo.

2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100