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James McMahon

There’s no Midwest SKUSA series this year, but they are planning a shifterfest @ NCMP in September.

Off the top of my head, shifter options in the midwest are….

CES: Blackhawk, IL, June | Grattan, MI, July | Blackhawk August |  Gingerman, MI September
WKA: Grattan, MI, May
MKC:  Waterford Hills, MI, June |  MIS, MI, September
Rock Island Grand Prix: labor day weekend
SKUSA Shifterfest, NCMP, IN September (2nd weekend?)
SIRA in and around IN
Road America Kart Club

You wont go wrong with any of these events but you will find biggest grids for shifters at CES Blackhawk and MKC @ MIS.  We had 47 shifters lined up at Blackhawk in August last year. A mix of Stock, mod and KZ/ICC.

If you have questions PM me as I’m not on EKN a lot these days.