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Bob Vehring

I think the price of Nationals is well worth it, well if there were any true Nationals any more. It has become a generic term. Everybody has Nationals, some Nationals come about solely for the purpose of putting other Nationals under. Is that what this sport has come to?

There was a time when winning a WKA National series was the top, and other series were divisional leading to that. Nowadays its run by business’s that want you on their tires, their engine, chassis, I remember a thread on here where a racer was kicked out because he wouldn’t wear the series spec suit. It doesn’t matter to anyone if you won Man Cup, because you didn’t Win Rotax, or USPKS or Rt 66 or any of the never ending others

We grew up in this at a time where I could build a few Flatheads, and my kids could race them anywhere, any type of racing, same engines. Load the trailer and just go, everyone was in those classes. I can’t even keep track of just the 4 cy engines anymore

We went through Dirt races with 2300 entries,  NRRS with over 1000, now they think 300 is a good race. From the link Steve posted, I looked through the results from WKA Nationals in several series. People ask why we don’t travel much anymore in Karting, we should drive 2000 miles one way, cost us 5K and race against 15 karts in our class?

WE, let it get this way, and its only getting worse