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David Cole

Canada karting and USA karting is so different.

Canada: It has become Rotax and LO206, with Honda 4-cycle racing still taking part at some club level. Rok Cup is also growing ground, but ASN Canada – the country’s ONLY sanctioning body recognizes just Rotax and LO206 as a national class. Thus, I love it and I’d like to do the ECKC event at Goodwood, as my dad raced there roughly 35 years ago.

USA: Multiple sanctioning bodies equals a country full of diverse engine packages and rule structures. WKA, IKF, TAGUSA, SKUSA, NKA, and others.

In a perfect world, I would FORCE LO206 to all beginners. It’s inexpensive and a great transition from Rental Kart racing to competition karting.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor