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Robert Lawson

After draining it down in a measuring cup I was pretty happy. It was right on what I put in it. What I found after mild heating to accelerate any separation was that there was no water. I did find the problem, the light grey color is the Devcon filler I used in the gearbox. The metal/plastic content is heavier than the oil and started to fall to the bottom and leave perfectly clean oil on top. I’ve used this stuff everywhere you can imagine in an engine with very good results but never in a bath of oil. Looking at the bottle, I bought the wrong stuff too. It’s not full synthetic but conventional. Not sure yet if it matters but I flushed it and got clean fluid back out of it and will run it tomorrow and see if it stays clean.

If that test fails I’ll pull it back down and remove the filler and replace it with a non metallic brand I have also used in the past. This will have to be done anyway to get gasket surface templates to compare to the older model engine for the machining process.

Bottom line, I can have it ready by the end of the weekend….baring any other complications! But that would not fit my luck….would it??? :)

If my Pops were still here he’d tell me all this builds “character”. Of course while he sat and swallowed a few beers & laughed at me!!

I must admit, I’m ready for the NHRA now. Wonder if they need a weather man…..