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Taylor Young

Just from listening to this event it sounded like there was a lot of issues with either rough driving or stupid driving. A lot of red flags, spin outs and off track situations.  I wasn’t there, but that’s my impression from write ups and descriptions. There seems to be a lack of direction and culture for clean and smart driving in US karting. I’ve watched CIK/WSK events and although they are not without incident they seem to be overall more professional when it comes to racing on the track.  The only thing I can think of for why this is, is that most of these events are run as a promoter/event organizer (which they do very well) and not as a governing body.

It’s almost the opposite of when I first started racing with IKF years ago. It was all about the rules and rule book and less about the promotion of the event and sport.  If only there was a happy medium.

Sorry if this seems out of left field, just a though from reading the above situation and my observations of the event.