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Robert Lawson


Rich has been working on his chassis mod’s forever now so don’t feel bad! At least you have seen a track in the past 2 years!!!! :)

Glad we didn’t loose you to the 250 class. Looking forward to the new look.

I’ve been trying to help Rich get his kart to a point where it will be track ready. He has made wholesale changes to the front track width as well as the overall width of the kart. You’ll have clearance issues when getting all the components that tightly packaged but it’s moving along. New body is mounted but paint will have to wait.

I was cleaning up out there a bit today and found something interesting. I took a very small sample of the tainted GB oil and put it in a glass beaker last weekend. Today, it still had not separated. It wasn’t the typical “foamy” looking oil & water, as I said it was a light grey. I remembered blowing carb cleaner through it to flush it out. This may be wishful thinking but I’ll drain it tomorrow, let it sit and take a good long look at it this weekend.

Probably just beating myself up but I can’t let it go…..