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Bob Vehring

Joshua, we run cans here, the reason is, thats what our people wanted. Sun we had either 19 or 21, cans. One of my kids sometimes runs can on and off over the years. One of the problems I have with WKA is the reasons they make changes, which theres no need to go into here.

When we started all Yamahas ran pipes, open pipes. Cans came about to end the pipe of the week deal, and to take the engine off the edge a pipe puts it on. Easier to tune, less damage if your not well versed in pipes. That was a good plan. BUT, we’ve been through 3 hole cans, 4 hole, holes in the back, holes in the side, can on a stick and now the new deal.

A can is simply a restrictor, if every racer has the same one, it really doesn’t matter which one it is. To be honest, what this is about is giving manufacturers a place to sell everyone a new product, then of course WKA hopes they continue to sponsor. If you been around for this, think for a minute what all those cans have cost you.


Steve, I know Badger is an island, here Norway and RA are both building LO, so I would defiantly count that in. I would guess it will come here in the not to distant future. As far as 2 cy,  of the two traveling series that come to us this year, they both offer different class structures. There is a series run by Coates called USPKS or something like that, they offer yet a different structure for 2 cy.

Other tracks here, notably Norway and Road America are both much smaller of a weekly program then us. Shawno is about dead and the other one is a small local track that is mostly Honda, (real Honda, not cloan). There is a sprint track about 4 hrs north that Steve V is part of, but don’t know much about it