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Rod Hawkins

Just as Robert mentioned, start with KPV/HPV100 motors.  The person he is referring you to is Stu Hayner.  He helps run the F100 series.  It is great fun for you to get started and Stu is passionate about helping people learn and get started.  We run at Grange (near victorville) and Adams (riverside) and Apex (Perris).  The guys are all very friendly and willing to help.  You might even want to come out to one of the races before you dive in head first, but I guarantee you will have a blast.  I bought a Leopard as my first kart motor and thought I was gonna race that level, in reality the F100 series is much more suited for what we want to do.  There are different classes, so you will race against guys that are your level and not feel overwhelmed.


here is more info about the next race and series.