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Robert Brooks

Brandon, If you’re considering LAKC, you must be in So Cal. What city do you live in.
There are quite a few options and great people at great shops to talks to. I can suggest some when I know where you are located. (Oh now I see Santa Clarita)
I’ve been is this sport with my family for 18 years, and Its only MY opinion but I would NOT start in PRD.
In So. Cal, Start wth an HPV. (KPV)
LAKC runs a great program, but IMHO I would not START racing in PRD. If you are really interested in this sport we want you around for a long time, so don’t dive head first into the deep end without first taking swimming lessons. Learn whats its all about first, get some experience, there is SOOO much to learn and then if you (and your family) want to run at a higher level of competition, try a faster (and more expensive) class.
Here is the name and number of a person who specilazies in the New to Karting Individual, and has been around for longer than I have and won’t steer you wrong. MDG Karting 1657 N. Glassell Ave. Orange, CA 92867 714- 305-6123. Also try: 714-928-5278