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Hi, Adam

The installation is pretty easy, you can use the same bushings inside the frame

All you have to do is remove the old bumper by removing the big allen bolt,  install the new style bracket with the flat part towards the rear ( you may need to buy new longger bolts to reach all the way inside the frame rails

Once you determine the length then tighten the bolts but leave them lose enough so that you can turn the brackets to align with the brackets that attach to the plastic bumper

Once you know it’s gonna fit, the go into town and torque it for good

Slide the bumper brackets inside the bumper asy, then put the bolt and washers in the bumper to secure.

Install bumper to frame rail brackets, and leave them snug, NOT TIGHT AT ALL, you need play, it needs to be lose for flexibility.

You’re done, I hope this helps.