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chris fosso

i just shake my head at someone that was not even there  (at event)is chiming in on on the  alleged  situation in the main event in the S-4  class.  first of all there was carnage in the first turn right off the bat,so a huge portion of the field had to go around or through all of it and had to put their heads down to just make a race out of it.  (and track was brutal) . second of all, their was no mention in any of the 3 drivers meeting over the 3 days about lappers and protocol, was no atypical “move over” flag  (like always), and was no number associated with any of the black flags that were displayed to any of the drivers getting them, you cant blame them for not pulling off the first lap they were showed the black , may of not even been for them (no way to know). they were racing just like the leaders, albeit at a lesser pace(and not from lack of heart or trying).  and i agree with above post on back markers being part of the equation (it is in all other forms of racing)  . all that being said, was a great event and a lot of fun.

all the  arm chair racers cant rant all they want…until you’re  there putting your helmet on and trying your hardest, i could care less about your opinions.