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Michael perez

Tony I’m not sure how to read pop off. I used to drive easy kart 125cc (never really messed with the carb to much so im new to this) but it was stolen 5 years ago than I bought a crg last year when I moved to Atlanta. Kt100 was the cheapest engine I could buy to practice on and when I bought it the only two cycle shop around closed down I try to look online for info but everyone says 100 different things. Don’t have much money because I’m in school just trying to get it running to get seat time. So today I took it out and tried a different route I started out of my stop position with the H needle 3 turns out got it to around 30 mph than turned it to 1  1/2 where it reached 45mph any more in it just bogs down. If anyone on this forum could give me a call to help me out or point me to what I would by doing I would greatly appreciate it. P/m u r number