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tony zambos

couldn’t open any of the last set of pictures. The option of “open in a new window” is grayed out.

Hopefully, all that maybe wrong is that you’ve bent a tie-rod. Check them and you should find the one that‘s on the not straight side is bent. If it’s bent only slightly, you can either remove it and pound it straight or leave it as is. If it shows greater damage, replace it.
The ends of the tie-rods will appear similar to this.

There should be a jam nut on both sides that prevent the rod from rotating. The rod will be left hand threaded on one side and right on the other. Loosen the jam nuts on both sides and rotate the rod until the wheel points straight. For this application, expensive tools are not needed. Take a tape measure and measure the distance between the tires. Measure between the insides of the front tires near the tire shoulders and once at the back. When the two measurements are equal, the wheels should be parallel with each other.
Even if the tie-rods were only bent slightly and adjusting them corrects the problem, check all other steering components thoroughly.

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