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Robert Lawson

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Someone has been testing me!!!!

Today, I got the kart back together after welding the chassis. As I started putting water in it I noticed a leak (why not right?). It was a small cover I had never removed in the past. After draining it down I removed the small cover and noticed what looked like a crack. After looking more closely it was a scratch. Cleaned both surfaces and resealed it, put a hair dryer to it and walked away. Later I added water, ran the pump, topped it off and started looking for leaks everywhere (Hey! The rad isn’t screwed!!!). So far so good! Lets fire it up and get it hot. Ran it for 30 minutes, in gear, to fling plenty of oil and still all is well. Looks as though a track test is all that remains (fingers crossed!!!).

Thursday when I put the engine back together I split the Ign rotor in 2 reinstalling it. The nut just never tighten up!!!! No biggie, didn’t pop a cork just grabbed the spare and put it on. Yesterday I had to run out to my sisters place. As I sat in my truck and it warmed up (it was cold in the AM) something told me to press the brake pedal. And it worked as usual…….then it went straight to the floor!!!!!

Everyday the past 2 weeks has included some sort of “issue”. Anyone else having days like mine…..or is it just me??????

This water freezing debacle has easily been the single stupidest mistake I have ever made. What an absolute nightmare! I noticed as I have gone on about my misfortune and the epic battle to fight back that a few hundred views have been added here. I hope SOMEONE has found my pain helpful to them or at least a distraction from whatever they may be going through themselves!!!!

PS: (Oh yeah, it continues!!!) The pipe on the kart is cracked and leaks like a B***H!!!! Of course, I didn’t notice that until I started feeling good about the engine issue being over (maybe?????).

Gotta smile though, what else could possibly go wrong????? (now I’m asking for it)

Enough, hope to see ya’ll at Grattan. If nothing else I will run the guts out of the new showers out there!!!!!!! :)

Over & Out,