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Don Robinson

Hi, Thanks for the response.  I know, it seems hard enough to find an active go-kart forum, much less one any discussion about this kind of kart (it’s only 2 seats though, not quite as big as it looks.)


The steering wheel has to be slightly at an angle to go straight, and you can visibly see that the front 2 tires go a slightly different direction.  It wasn’t originally like this, but I think my wife, taking our baby for a ride in it, drove it with a flat tire for a little while without realizing it, which might have thrown the alignment off.

One of the tires (probably the one not tracking straight) quickly “corded”.  It is a patch slightly off-center.  I think I have the tire pressure around 20psi.  I put white-out on the tires and drove it until it seemed like the white out was wearing off relatively even across the tires.  Since the wear only seems to be hitting one of the tires, I think it’s definitely the front-end alignment.

I did a lot of searching, and see alignment tools for a couple hundred dollars, but they seem to rest on the spindles and rely on a clear sight from one side of the kart to the other.  As you can see, there is a lot of stuff that I fear would block the line of sight on this kart.

The kart seems to have adjustable tie rods exposed, similar to those on a car.

Thank you again!