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Robert Lawson

Had a schedule change that kept me home today so I was ready to get the engine back on the chassis. Just to be absolutely sure I put Devcon on the outside of the case covering the seam where it was repaired. Not only do I not want to be responsible for oiling down the track no need to go for a wild ride either!!!

In the detailed cleaning process (Grattan was very dusty) I found a crack in the chassis at the engine mounting point. Bummer. It had just started and is only about 3/4″ long. Will have to get it over to Tony’s tonight rain or shine and get it welded. It will take longer to get the kart out of the truck and in his garage than it will to do the welding!

My last concern (besides the mixing of oil & water in the engine itself) is the condition of the rad. That will be a deal breaker if the core is compromised. It was a custom order from C&R that I had to build myself to fit my kart.

On a much more positive note my good friend Neil Brown was inspired by his ride at the test. So much that he has picked up a complete race ready kart and will be contesting the Stock Honda class!!!! He has been out of the karting picture for a few years after destroying his TM K9B. Good to have you back Neil!!!!!

Good Luck to all heading to Afton, have a safe weekend folks!!!!!