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Kyle Riedel

I know about the 3rd gear. But that’s not what I’m looking at. Shark shifter has a 3rd gear set that another site says is only used on 82-99 models. Which until yesterday I believed to have a 2001. I talked to Honda direct and they were able to tell me its a ’97. What Honda told me is that “set” (m3/4,c3,c6) was “superseded” in 2000 to individual gears sold seperately with new numbers. As far as learned last year the gears are the same from around 96-+. With all the confusion I’ve run into trying to find gears I no longer know for sure. I’m hoping someone here can sound off with some knowledge and list all the changes through the years after it changed to water cooled.     My project has been rather testy. Started out with a motor that was way worn out on top. Replaced top end and limped through last year. While I gathered parts. I put an OEM eq. Wiseco crank. Namura piston and a replated cylinder on it this winter. but still had one plague after. going into 4th gear it would chatter and rev like it was going in and out of gear.





















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