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Chris Reinhardt

Mal, Don’t take it personal. CR just loves an argument and you just can’t win as he has way more time on his hands to browse these forums than anyone else and he is willing to engage in endless rebuttals without much regard for factual accuracy or consistency of position (anything to win an argument). It’s a pity some people are here just to get their personal satisfaction of being an online forum bully instead of having an open-minded conversation and trying to help other people. -CB

I thought we were having a great discussion????  He started out talking about GP road racing at Phillip Island, then he switch to GP MX, said the moto engines were restricted because of power valves,  then switch to exhaust pipe angle restricted them, talked about front suspensions???  I just don’t agree that turning the cylinder 180* and straightening the exhaust port, gives you 10hp on a 125, that’s A LOT of HP!!!!

It is what it is, unless somebody has one to run, it’s all bench racing…..  Sorry if I offended you, relax and enjoy the banter…


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