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Peter Toth

Just to update
Got a new top end and piston kit from Wiseco. Had to do some more digging to figure out what size piston I needed. For anyone whose searching, 98-99 had a 54.0mm piston. I put the new pin bearing, piston pin, cir-clips, piston and piston ring in, swapped out the major gaskets and bolted it back up after I rubbed the cylinder down with muratic acid. changed out the fuel to proper 32:1 redline. ran it for 20 mins at idle, then under easy load. Only then did I take it out to terrorize the neighborhood…..i mean….high rpm power test. It did pretty well.

for those that asked; I am running a keihin carb, dont know the jetting unfortunately. its a full 98 motor.
thanks for the help and advice.