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Mike Bray

Clone hit it big because people dusted off their old chassis and put a $100 motor on their kart. As mentioned above every local track had different rules, whether it is an AKRA or WKA motor it changed yearly. What I found to be the biggest detractor and what ended up killing clone was all the manufacturers pushing people to continually buy items during the season. I have a 206 and seem that people are buying in

Hit the nail on the head!  We started out with “inexpensive” clones and it didn’t take long to see just how completely out of control the entire clone deal is.  It all boils down to trying to over-regulate a very inconsistent sow’s ear, to the point pro-built clones are now $1K and up.  Unless clone motor rules are shortened to about half a page and costs gotten under control the class will be dead in 5 years.  Think it can’t happen?  Where are the flatheads?

LO206 is the way to go for cost, reliability, equality, and power.

We now run Rotax motors and they’re less expensive to keep running than clones!