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Gary Lawson

The flathead had great success and it wasn’t fast. The 206 is faster than the flathead was and it is a better engine for a beginning/inexperienced karter than anything else on the market. Granted, I too like going faster with the blueprinted alky animal. Unfortunately, it is all but dead in the sprint world. I would go back to the flathead in a second if it meant racing against 50 karts. I would be interested in going to Canada to run the big 206 national event they had last year if it continues to grow.

Clubs leaders need to ask if the class structure they currently offer is good for longterm/future growth. They need to be proactive and not reactive.

Bob V. I see the problems that you are facing. My hope is that briggs racing starts booming at surrounding track and your club sees the value it could offer.  A $1500 yamaha does not sound very appealing as a starter package compared to a 206 at half the price. I guess the mission needs to be one club at a time…