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Bob Vehring

For Gary’s questions, from the Wi area. Badger has always been since the demise of FH a BPed Animal track, simply because it was first, and thats what built here. Our Animal class was good before cloan LO or anything else came along

Badger, to some degree is run by its members, these members vote in Class rules, We have a rules Comm. meeting, items placed on a ballot, then, the membership itself, votes. For the last two decades, the 4 cy side has been left to me. My way of handling this, was to gather all the 4 cy racers in the tech barn one or two times before our Badger rules committee meeting, talk out our issues, then present that to Badger. Until this year, it has worked well.

The 4 cy group at Badger is a very close group, around here, we are the largest 4 cy classes in Sprint by far. We also know well who hard it is to maintain that in a 2 cy focused club.

This year I brought up the LO choices to consider, with only one 4 cy shop (us) and 6 or 7 2cy shops, its a hard sell here to get new people to try Briggs. Our group is adamant about one thing, trying to get the largest classes we can. Last year we voted out LM, just not enough of them, and they voted to combine the 2 Jr Sprtsmen classes in to one. The vote on weather to introduce LO class went down 34 to 1, nothing against the package, but you can only split the pie so many ways.

Until the number of Briggs racers grows considerably, I would expect here to remain Animal Blue print focussed

I think in Sprint unlike ovals, speed is important. our guys are surrounded by KT’s and Komets and TaG, even kids. The sales pitch from the 2 cy shops is everywhere ” You got a year in now, your ready to step up and go fast”. Seriously, its peer pressure on the kids. BP’ed Animals in Spts and Jr classes puts them as fast or faster then some of the 2 cy classes. 4 cy only series don’t deal with that, here its serious.

I think we were one of the first tracks to push the 206 KK engine, even with Klaus standing next to me, it didn’t stand a chance. The 2 cy sales pitch quickly¬† ended that and its a shame the 50 cc Comer must be one of the most expensive engine out there for top level engine. Even when one blew a flywheel down our ft straight scattering shrapnel all over our grid, thank God it was a practice day, it was officially ignored. I even notified the “Powers that be” ,of which no one returned my emails. What was Briggs put through to ensure flywheel safety? What a way to get kids started.

Re, Pro Gas, I have nothing against it other then its too close to Animal BP, Here we simply don’t have enough racers to offer both