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Bob Vehring

Id say you hit the nutshell on the head David, problem is its been fragmenting for so long now, many of the other changes or series are well established.

Sorry to bother with yet another long story, but I think its important. Most of you know,our business has changed focus to 120 sleds. For us its a much, much bigger world. Regan also races full size sleds himself, and Wendy did it for 15 years back then

Snowmobile racing, all forms, has always been governed by a group called ISR, somewhat along the lines of what WKA used to be. Their is one major and very important difference. ISR itself does not make the rules. They will gather the tech spec’s from manufacturers etc to be used, and they do then publish the rules on their site for everyone to use, but they do not make the rules.

How the rules are written is a different process. Every fall, I already went to 2 meetings this month and have one to go, there is a meeting hosted by ISR where 2 members from each affiliate group (series) attends. This group comes from across the USA and Canada, even a few Europeans. Their are 4 different meetings, one for each discipline, Ovals, Snow X,  Drags, 120’s. Manufacturers and aftermarket company’s are also included. You have several months where each group can submit changes or proposals, an agenda is formed from this. That agenda is sent to the affiliates several weeks before the meeting. At the meetings there can be 50 people at the table, only the issues on the agenda will be talked about and while there is plenty of discussion, at the end of each topic, a vote will be taken, and that will be the rule for the year, period.

The advantage here is while we deal with mainstream big time manufacturers like Yamaha, Polaris, SkiDoo and Artic Cat, where certainly they each could have their own motivations, needing to be approved by majority pretty much ends any self promotion, power grabs, or self interest rules.

While their are a few outlaw race groups, none are very big or get much respect. It is the racers themselves that back the ISR program so all rules are fair and equal, in some of the classes, rules are frozen for a 5 year period unless there is a safety issue involved. That’s important because at the cost of equipment, you can build or buy an engine or chassis, and know it won’t be outdated on you next year.

Karting has become the polar opposite of this, now, whenever someone doesn’t get their way, they start their own series. Not talking about Steve here because we have no other 4 cy series, I’m talking the 2 cy world. Man Cup, Rt 66, MWSS, GLSS, MASS, Rotax, Leopard, Shifter groups that killed themselves. There simply is not one clear direction. Most new series in Karting are now run by one person or small group, it is often centered around their engine or their chassis or tire brand. Our sport is now run by business interests, not racers.

If Steve can take what he has in Gold Cup and start spreading that out to other areas, I think that would be a good start at getting racing, at least 4 cy back going in one direction. If you can start spreading your guys to the west, I try to start my guys going east, see ya in Indy