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Gary Lawson

Sprint racers never got in a deep as the oval world in regards to clones. The biggest sprint clone race I know of was king of the castle with around 30. Otherwise gold cup had around 20 when it was at its peak. Barnesville and Jacksonville both had strong clone programs at the time. New castle and mid state also had good clone programs as recently as last year. This is no longer the case at many of these tracks with most converting to the 206 and some to the Pro Gas Animal. Pro gas had 30 entries at Jacksonville, the largest class size gold cup has had in years.

Couple other discussion points: 206 for sr makes sense at the local level obviously. Is there room for the pro gas package also? Would clubs have the racers to support both? Pro gas makes sense as an alternative to yamaha can when wanting to go faster than a 206.

I will admit most of my thoughts are usually directed towards the sr classes because that is what I race. However, the greatest focus needs placed on developing solid structure for the younger classes.
The 206 kid kart engine is an obvious starting point.

Now, should the next class be 8-10 or 8-12? Continuing to utilize the 206 from the kid kart with only a carburetor slide change makes sense. Would this be the time to introduce the sportsman pro gas class or leave it just 206s? I know this is when many kids leave to go run a 2cycle because they are typically faster.

Moving to the 12-15 year olds the same decision needs to be made as in sportsman. So you run a 206 and pro gas class?

My next thought is on bodywork. Although not as crucial a decision as engine rules I believe it has a great effect on participation in some instances, albeit unwarranted in my opinion. I hear from many that run cik bodywork that the advantage of full bodies deters them from attending some events with open bodywork because of the aerodynamic advantage. Even in the most extreme circumstances the difference is negligible in sprint racing. Even so, would we be better off just going to cik bodywork on everything? Many enjoy using cik bodywork because they are so easy to put on and it makes the kart more accessible to work on. Not to mention that that all karts imported from other countries come with cik bodywork along with some made in the USA. The cost of most of these imported karts is not appealing to me however and should factor in to the decision on bodywork rules if one style was to be mandated.

Sit up style seat vs. Laydown seats is also a similar issue.