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David Cole

I looked at some of the bigger tracks in the 5 states around the Great Lakes, OH,IN,IL,MI,and WI and it was mind boggling of all the different classes and rule packages, i was running out of paper. Can this really be good for our karting sport?

In a nut shell, no.

Unless someone or groups of people step up to try and form a unity across the borders, let alone within state borders, it won’t happen. There are a number of factors as to why this is, but it all comes down to the racers themselves stepping up and making this happen.

I helped organize the Mid-State Super Series for road racing. I brought together Badger Kart Club, River Valley Kart Club, Michigan Kart Club and KART together into one series. Each hosted events on their own, formed a common rule structure and provided a strong regional series. All done from a few meetings in a central location.

One issue right now is all the diversity of engines that are out there. There are now four different Briggs classes (LO206, WF, Animal Gas, Animal), multiple Clone classes (Box Stock, Open) with all their different niches at different tracks. In order to help form a common ground, tracks AND drivers need to eliminate some of the options, and form a general class structure that everyone can follow.

The question is, what do people want? Do they want to focus on LO206 and Animal Gas, or has the infusion of Clone racing taken over and they can’t let go?

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor