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Steve Baker

Basically in a nut shell if we could just get all the race tracks in this region, about 6 states for starters, to offer the same classes in 2 cycle and 4 cycle instead of being so fragmented in their class offerings. Better yet have these classes the same as being raced at the Divisional and National level. If we just had a good organizer person to start this ball rolling is what we really need. The intent here is not to create problems but just the opposite to bring all the racing parties together for what would be best for everyone. We need for everyone to start thinking about what’s best for racing and not what is best for them in there little area. Commonizing classes will only make bigger and more exciting races!
On a side note, I looked at some of the bigger tracks in the 5 states around the Great Lakes, OH,IN,IL,MI,and WI and it was mind boggling of all the different classes and rule packages, i was running out of paper. Can this really be good for our karting sport?
Thanks Bob V. – Its encouraging that we still have people around that can still see the forest through the trees!