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Bob Vehring

Well my friends, I’mmmmm Baaack only took roughly 8 attempts at Davids reg process, but I made it.

Good idea Steve, even if you don’t intent to come this far west. Badger still has a good number of 4 cy racers. As an example of “if” they want to travel, view the thread on Badgers board re. the MASS, the BP Animal racer asked very strongly to be included, unfortunately the leadership would not answer to them. In the past the same was done with Rt66. The reason people from here switch to 2 cy is and always has been, lack of any 4cy National type series that come here.

Both Rt66 and Mid America Sprint Series have people in their leadership that are based out of Badger, both own 2 cy shops. There is and always has been a very big push here to get our racers to run traveling series. While Man cup was here yearly for a decade, in my 28 years here, Gold Cup has come exactly, once. That has always been the problem, it leaves our people little choice on where to go if they want to move on from the local  track.

There’s no question the 4 cy world has been rocked over the last decade, I think LO has done alot to repair that damage, but it has a long way to go, and its only one class.

I gave up years ago trying to get WKA to care about us out here, the new series don’t care about us. Here’s something Regan has done out here and I want to be clear we only have worked it out for two tracks, Badger and Blackhawk I can’t say it works out as we do it at every track because of length of straight, number and type of turns etc.

He took 3 of Badgers Animal classes, Jr, @300#, Sr. @ 350# and we have a class called Orca which is KT100 or Animal @410.  That class uses YLC tires, the otherYDS

We started by studying both track record, and weekly times for these classes. The 410 class and Sr Animal had almost identical times as is. Jr’s had the potential to be the fastest at 50 lbs lighter then SR. We started with a gold slide, then kept shortening it a few tho at a time until we got lap times equal. This was then tested with multiple drivers/karts for weeks. We’ve had winners from each group and not uncommon for one of each in the top 3.  Regans race at Badger last year had 37 entries in one class, which is the largest class ever run at Badger.

We get that many people, remember this only the milw area people, because, they want something different then Badgers weekly deal. They want different racers and they want big fields. we get people who haven’t had their karts out for years because they are tired of the weekly grind. It is a money race, but not huge money, so far we have gotton your entry fee covered by a  sponsor, and we do something different with the payout. The payout is split in half. one half goes to top 5. The other half is given out on a pea pick for all the rest, 6 place to the end have 5 chances,  so even the guy in last place stands a chance of winning just as much as the winner.

I brought that up for one point, here, it has got people moving, our road race friends come to Badger, our Sprint friends go to Blackhawk  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get Gary in a limited Road Race kart, the world looks different at 110 LOL

Steve if theres any thing I can do to help, you know the number